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Passive and Active Oscilloscope Probes

Scope probes are used to connect voltages to an oscilloscopes.
If the voltage is higher than the input voltage range of the oscilloscope, a voltage divider must be used to prevent damage to the oscilloscope.

The oscilloscope probes offered here differ in terms of their connection plugs (BNC, SMA or D9), their bandwidth and their voltage division factor (1:1 to 1:1000).
In addition, there is the distinction between passive and active oscilloscope probes.

The passive probes are directly connected (1:1) or have a resistor voltage divider. The probe ground (earth) is connected via the plug to the oscilloscoope ground and thus, usually with the grounding of the mains power grid.
Passive probes do not requird an external power source for their operation.l

The active probes have internal electronics to divide down the input voltage.
In addition, they have differential inputs, which are galvanically isolated from the oscilloscope ground.
Therefore, these probes can also beused to perform measurements on 230VAC mains voltage circuits without causing short circuits or damage to the oscilloscope.
The active probes require a battery or a suitable power supply for their operation.