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Frank Massey's Top-Ten- tests with a PicoScope

Educational detailed videos on important measurements with the Pico automotive diagnostics oscilloscope.

PicoScope, the ideal automotive diagnostic tool

Automotive electronics will continue to become more complex. Does it become harder for you to find the faults? With a PicoScope this need not be the case... A PicoScope is a PC-based automotive oscilloscope. It turns your laptop or desktop PC into a powerful automotive diagnostic tool that shows you what's really going on with the electronic circuits of the vehicle. Imagine a PicoScope as an "X-ray apparatus of the automotive diagnostics", which gives you the opportunity to see the internal processes in the wiring of your vehicle. You can buy a single PicoScope automotive oscilloscope, but most customers purchase one of our award-winning automotive diagnostic kits. These money-saving kits contain everything you need - simply connect to a PC!

Suitable for use with any modern vehicle

The Pico automotive diagnostic kits can be used for measuring and testing of virtually all electrical and electronic components and circuits in any modern vehicle:

Ignition (primary and secondary)
Injectors and fuel pumps
Starter and charging circuits
Batteries, alternators and starters
Lambda, airflow, knock and MAP sensors
Glow plugs / timer relays
CAN-Bus, LIN, and FlexRay bus


Unlike a serial diagnostic tool, a PicoScope can work with any vehicle make or model, whether gasoline, diesel, electric or hybrid.
Pico Technology is the market leader with more than 20 years of experience in developing PC-based oscilloscopes. Unlike many competing products the PicoScope automotive oscilloscopes are are fundamentally designed for use with motor vehicles. They provide an unrivalled combination of resolution, memory depth, sample rate, bandwidth and software functions. Fast and complex signals such as CAN bus and FlexRay are not a problem, so that you can perform measurements with your PicoScope for many years.

Easy to use, chosen by professionals

This powerful and flexible automotive diagnostics tool was developed for ease of use and therefore is suitable for both first-time users of oscilloscopes as well as for professionals. The set is ideal for a variety of users, including franchised and non-franchised garages, vocational training, roadside assistance, mobile tuning / repair services, motorsport and automotive research and development.
The power supply of the PicoScope is made via the USB port of the PC, so no batteries or power lines are required. Thereby, it is suitable both for the workshop based as well as for the mobile automotive diagnostics.

Powerful Automotive Software

In all of our kits the powerful PicoScope automotive diagnostic software is included. The application of the PicoScope automotive software is quick and easy. Just select the test sensor or the circuit and the software will automatically load the required settings and give you details how to connect the oscilloscope, along with tips on how the waveform should look like and general technical information on the components to be tested.
Once you own a PicoScope automotive diagnostic oscilloscope, you can also use PicoDiagnostics. PicoDiagnostics is a complete engine health check. With just one easy connection to the battery you can perform  a cylinder unrest test, detect misfires and perform a compression test. A fully equipped electrical system test for testing battery, starter and alternator is also included with the PicoDiagnostics- Software. The results will be displayed in a bar graph which is easy to understand that you can also print out for your customers.
All Pico automotive software is free of charge. There are no license fees or annual subscriptions, and updates can always be downloaded for free.


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