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  • Cables, Connectors & Adaptors

  • D9 Single BNC Adaptor for PicoScope 4444

  • D9 Dual BNC Adaptor for PicoScope 4444

  • Current Clamp Adaptor 40A AC/DC, 300V CAT III for PicoScope 4444

  • Current Clamp Adaptor 200/2000A AC/DC, 150V CAT II for PicoScope 4444

  • Flexible Single Phase Current Probe, 2000A AC for PicoScope 4444

  • Test Lead, 0.5m, with 2 Shrouded Banana Plugs

  • Adapter Cable, BNC to 4mm Banana Plug

  • Shrouded Multimeter Test Prod, 1000V CAT III

  • Adapter Cable, BNC to Alligator Clamps

  • Unshrouded Sprung Hook

  • BNC measuring lead, 1.2m

  • Adapter BNC Plug to 4mm Sockets, Shrouded, Insulated

  • Sprung Hook Probe

  • Small Crocodile (Gator) Clip for 4mm Banana Plug

  • Large Dolphin (Gator) Clip

  • Current Clamp 20A/60 A AC/DC with BNC plug

  • Precision Current Clamp Adaptor, 30A AC/DC with Large Jaws

  • TA138, Current Clamp 200A AC, Banana Plugs

  • Current Clamp Adapter, 2000A/200A AC/DC, BNC Connector

  • Flexible 1-Phase Current Probe 30/300/3000A AC RMS

  • Flexible 3-Phase Current probe 30/300/3000A ACeff

  • TA136, Logic Analyser Cable, Accessory for all PicoScope MSO Models

  • USB 2.0 Cable, 1.8m, blue

    USB 2.0 Cable, 1.8m, blue
  • USB 3.0 Cable, 1.8m, blue

    USB 3.0 Cable, 1.8m, blue
  • USB 2.0 Y-Cable, 1.8m

  • USB 2.0- Kabel 1,2m

  • USB Type C Adaptor to Standard A

  • Protective Rubber Boot for Pico Oscilloscopes, black

  • BNC Adaptor with 2 Female BNC Connectors

    BNC Adaptor with 2 Female BNC Connectors
  • TA139, Test Clip Set

Cables, Connectors and Adaptors for Oscilloscopes

Here you find clips, leads and 4mm probes, current probes (clamps), BNC terminators and leads as well as miscellaneous as accessories for Pico oscilloscopes

Clips, Leads and 4mm Probes

From gator/croc clips to acupuncture probes, here you will find a variety of popular accessories for use with test and measurement equipment.
Our test clips are suitable for general-purpose test and measurement as well as for automotive diagnostics applications. The test clips are designed for use with our range of test leads.

Current Probes (Clamps)

Clamp-on current probes or ?current clamps? enable you to measure currents without breaking the electrical circuit. Current clamps are designed with jaws that can be opened, placed around the conductor and clamped shut to form a magnetic loop around the conductor.
Current clamps offer a safe, cost-effective, simple and accurate way to take current measurements.
Our range of current clamps can be used with PicoScope Oscilloscopes and PicoLog Data Loggers, as well as with all major brands of oscilloscopes and multimeters.

BNC Leads

All our BNC attenuators, leads and adaptors are compatible with 50 Ohm BNC connectors.