TA133, 500MHz Passive Scope Probe, x10

Item number: TA133

  • Passive divider oscilloscope probe
  • 300V
  • 500MHz
  • x10
  • compensated for PicoScope 6404A/B
  • Category: Oscilloscope Probes

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    TA133, 500MHz Passive Scope Probe, x10, Compensated for  PicoScope 6404A/B/C/D

    Passive scope probe, compensated to ensure optimum performance when used with the PicoScope 6404, this 500 MHz passive scope probe features x10 attenuation and a maximum working voltage of 300 volts RMS.

    The compact design of this high–performance probe means there is only 2.5 mm  housing diameter at the probe tip — compared to the conventional 5 mm  housing — making it easier for you to see the device under test, and making it ideal for measurements of SMT components.

    Technical data:
    Attenuation: 10:1
    Resistance at probe tip: 10 MOhm
    Capacitance at probe tip: 9.5 pF
    Scope input impedance: 1 MOhm
    Compatibility: PicoScope 6404A/B
    Bandwidth (3 dB): 500 MHz
    Maximum working voltage: 300 V RMS CATII
    Risetime (10% to 90%): 700 ps
    Compensation range: 10 to 25 pF
    Safety standard: IEC/EN 61010-031
    Cable length: 1.3 m (approx 4 ft 3 in)

    Frequency range: 500 MHz
    Devider ratio: x10
    Input voltage: 300V

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