P2056, Passive Oscilloscope Probe, 500MHz, 10:1

Item number: TA437

  • 500MHz bandwidth
  • 10:1 attenuation, high impedance
  • Trimmed to match the PicoScope 6804E and PicoScope 6824E
  • Probe-detect readout pin for automatic range scaling
  • Category: Oscilloscope Probes

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    P2056, Passive High-Impedance Oscilloscope Probe, 500MHz, 10:1

    The P2056 (single pack) is a state-of-the-art 10:1 miniature probe for oscilloscopes with up to 500MHz bandwidth. The entire probe core is made of a high-quality CeramCore™ ceramic hybrid. Pure coaxial design and laser-trimmed resistors ensure highest signal fidelity along the signal path, offering high bandwidth and fast risetimes for accurate impulse measurements. With a maximum input voltage of 300V CAT II, these probes are equally suitable in service and development environments. The read-out BNC connector is automatically recognized as a 10:1 divider by scopes such as the PicoScope 6000E Series that feature a sense ring.

    The compact design with its 2.5mm housing diameter at the tip provides better visibility on the DUT (device under test) in dense SMT circuits than conventional 5mm housings.

    The remarkably low input capacitance of only 9.5pF applies a minimal load to the signal source, which is particularly important when measuring signals with fast risetimes. Only active or low-impedance probes can achieve lower loading than this.

    The long ground leads found on most conventional probes bring additional inductance and resonances into the setup, which will result in false or inaccurate readings. The P2056 is available with an IC contact system consisting of five different IC adaptors ranging from 1.27 to 0.5mm pitch and a PCB adaptor kit, offering an ideal solution for short-circuit-proof, reproducible measurements. The probe is shipped with our signature spring-loaded tips. There are up to 16 different accessories included with the probe, offering adaptive solutions for almost every probing demand.

    The P2056 probe is supplied with the following accessories and spares:
    • 1 x coding rings (set of 3 x 4 colors)
    • 1 x ground blade 2.5 mm
    • 1 x ground lead 15 cm 
    • 1 x ground spring 2.5 mm
    • 1 x IC cap 2.5 0.5 mm pitch, green
    • 1 x IC cap 2.5 0.65 mm pitch, blue
    • 1 x IC cap 2.5 0.8 mm pitch, grey
    • 1 x IC cap 2.5 1.0 mm pitch, brown
    • 1 x IC cap 2.5 1.27 mm pitch, black
    • 1 x insulating cap 2.5 mm
    • 2 x PCB adaptor kit 2.5 mm
    • 2 x self-adhesive Cu pad 2 x 2 cm
    • 1 x solid tip, CuBe, 0.5 mm
    • 1 x spring tip, gold-plated 0.5 mm
    • 1 x sprung hook 2.5 mm
    • 1 x trim tool

    Also check out the Pico probe positioning system compatible with these probes, as the ideal way to firmly hold your PCB under test and accurately position the probes.

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