PicoScope 4823 Professional Kit, 8-Channel Automotive Diagnostics Oscilloscope with Accessories

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Kit in carry case with comprehensive, practical measuring accessories.

Category: Automotive Diagnostics Oscilloscopes

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PicoScope 4823 Professional Kit, 8-Channel Automotive Diagnostics Oscilloscope with Accessories

PicoScope 4823 is the world's first high-resolution 8-channel automotive oscilloscope, fast enough for CAN, CAN FD and FlexRay, including serial data decoding. It is preconfigured for all Pico automotive measuring and probing devices and provides access to more than 150 guided tests, as well as thousands of wafeforms from the Pico Waveform Library, which now supports 8 channels.

It has 8 channels, which in contrast to the 4-channel automotive oscilloscopes have a common mass. The maximum input voltage is now r0V and has protection up to max. 100V. The sampling rate with 80MS/s is lower than with the previous 4-channel  automotive oscilloscopes (10MS/s with all 8 channels used).

The other technical data are in line with the expectation of a deep memorsy PicoScope with 10-bit resolution, 20MHz bandwidth, 256MB buffer memory and SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface.

While Pico's 4-channel automotive diagnostic oscilloscopes are the best solution for standard automotive diagnostic applications, there are needs for 6 or more channels in aftermarket and vehicle maintenance, such as:
V6/V8 timing (4/6 cam + crankshaft, + WPS measuring) and VVT timing.
Trucks, construction and agricultural machinery that require technicians to mash electrical and hydraulic measurements on multiple valves simultaneously to diagnose problems with system interaction.
Complete system diagnostics on components (including plus, ground, signals and amperage)
General engine diagnostics

The use of the PicoScope 4823 should onlly be considered if there is an actual need for 8 channels that excludes the use of the proven 4-channel PicoÄScope 4425.

You find the technical data of this 8-channel automotive diagnostics oscilloscope here on our homepage:
PicoScope 4823, 8-channel automotive diagnostics oscilloscope


The PicoScope 4823 Professional Kit consists of the following components:
1 x PQ185  PicoScope 4823 
8 x MI074  Sekundär- Zündspannungs- Aufnehmer
1 x MI121  USB 2.0- Kabel, 4,5m, blau
2 x MI168  "S"- Haken
2 x PA038  Teleskop- Schutzbox 45x45mm², Länge 80-120mm
1 x PA147  6-fach Rolltasche in Schwarz mti Pico- Aufdruck
1 x PA186  Koffer, heavy Duty PS4823
2 x TA001  Multimeter- Prüfspitze, schwarz
2 x TA002  Multimeter- Prüfspitze, rot
2 x TA003  kleine Krokodilklemme, schwarz
2 x TA004  kleine Krokodilklemme, rot
2 x TA005  große Krokodilklemme, 1000V CATIII, schwarz
2 x TA006  große Krokodilklemme, 1000V CATIII, rot
1 x TA008  Akupunktursonden- Set
8 x TA017  4mm- Bananenstecker- Adapter, geschützt auf ungeschützt, rot
1 x TA018  60ADC- Präzisions- Stromzangenadapter, BNC
1 x TA033  COP- Sonden- Anschlusskabel, 3m, mit Masseklemme
1 x TA034  Verlängerungsadapter für Standard- ATC- Sicherungen
1 x TA035  Verlängerungsadapter für Mini- ATC- Sicherungen
4 x TA037  COP- Verlängerungsadapter
1 x TA106  Masseleitung für COP- Verlängerungsadapter, Länge 45cm
2 x TA125  KFZ- Testkabel Premium, 3m, blau
2 x TA126  KFZ- Testkabel Premium, 3m, rot
2 x TA127  KFZ- Testkabel Premium, 3m, grün
2 x TA128  KFZ- Testkabel Premium, 3m, gelb
1 x TA155  USB 3.0- Schnittstellenkabel, 1,8m
2 x TA157  Batterieklemme, rot
2 x TA158  Batterieklemme, schwarz
8 x TA161  flexible Backpinning- Sonde, schwarz
8 x TA162  flexible Backpinning- Sonde, rot
1 x TA167  2000/200A Präzisions- Stromzangenadapter, BNC
1 x TA167  Verlängerungsadapter für JCASE- Sicherung
4 x TA197  Spannungsteiler 10:1, mit großer Bandbreite
1 x PP338  COP- Sonde
1 x TA206  Verlängerungsadapter für Maxi- Sicherungen
1 x TA234  30A- Präzisions- Stromzangenadapter, BNC
1 x TA324  11 Sätze Premium 6-fach- Ableitungssets
1 x TA329  Ultraschall- Parksensor- Detektor
1 x TA330  Keyless Entry- Trägersignal- Detektor
2 x TA375  100MHz- PicoScope- Tastkopf

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