PicoScope 4425A, 4-Channel "Engine & Hydraulics" Kit

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PicoScope 4425A, 4-Channel "Engine & Hydraulics" Kit

Pico oscilloscopes are used by many authorized workshops and independent workshops because the PicoScope is more trusted than any other measuring system because it offers workshops the performance, the necessary know-how and the support to quickly solve most vehicle faults to find and document them. When you buy a PicoScope, you benefit from more than 25 years of investment in the world's best automotive diagnostic oscilloscopes.
Compared to the previous PicoScope diagnostic oscilloscopes, the new devices now have a PicoBNC+TM interface for each channel input to add new functions that make the best product even better.

The unique functions that the new PicoScope diagnostic tools have are real advantages compared to other oscilloscopes and offer the technicians significant relief:

  • PicoBNC+ probe detection improves scope setup, saving time, reducing errors and allowing new users to gain confidence and security faster than with other scopes.
  • PicoBNC+ powered probes improve device maintenance, which means that the probes are always ready for use (no empty batteries!), without the battery limiting the use of the current clamps for long-term measurements.
  • PicoBNC+ software control improves the probe set-up, which enables the current clamps and other probes to be automatically reset and avoids incorrect probe switch settings and simplifies the probe set-up for the user.
  • Channel status LEDs facilitate support for the technician, as he can clearly see which probes need to be connected to which channel and which channels are active.
  • Probe interchangeability protection (with Automotive PicoScope 7) improves connection security, avoiding the possibility of accidental incorrect installation or measurement.
  • PicoBNC+ resistance probes improve measurement options and provide reliable dynamic testing when only resistance specifications are available, as well as monitoring resistance changes in real time (wiggle test).
  • Pico BNC+ temperature probes improve the measurement options that allow the association of temperature and performance errors in air conditioning systems with the timeline.

In addition to the new functions, the PicoBNC+ oscilloscopes continue to offer the advantages of the previous PicoScope diagnostic devices:

  • ConnectDetect ™ improves the connection of the components, which gives you the certainty that you have made a good probe connection.
  • Higher voltage input range (±200V) improves the flexibility of the scope, which saves time because fewer voltage dividers are required (e.g. for injector voltages) and the device is protected against accidental connection to higher voltages
  • Potential-free inputs improve the measurement options and offer safe, low-noise measurements in which none of the inputs are connected to ground and enable voltage drop measurements with a single channel.
  • High sampling rate (up to 400MS / s) improves the diagnostic capability and enables you to test the most modern systems, see waveforms in great detail and recognize all important signal deviations.
  • High vertical resolution (12-bit) improves measurement evaluation and delivers waveforms with high precision and without the distortions caused by low resolutions.
  • USB connectivity improves system configuration and offers technicians mobility and convenience with reliable operation in all work environments.
  • Extended triggers improve the measurement options, which make it possible to detect sporadic errors and quickly triggered faults.
  • Advanced filter function (hardware and software) improves the measurement evaluation and enables technicians to remove or reduce signal noise that could overlap the underlying signal waveform.
  • Hardware frequency measurement improves the measurement options, which provide a real-time view of the information encoded in frequency-modulated digital signals, e.g. from a digital airflow meter.
  • Large storage capacity (250 million samples) improves the measurement options, which enable long recording times, which are necessary for the detection of sporadic errors.
  • Math channels improve the measurement evaluation by allowing the technicians to automatically process the data in order to separately display the information that is useful for them, such as power or speed.
  • Measurement lines and rulers improve the measurement evaluation and enable the technicians to measure crank angles and other phase-related signals within cyclical automotive signals.
  • Free software upgrades improve future security, so your investment over time improves the performance of your oscilloscope over time without incurring running costs.

The PicoScope 4425A   4-channel automotive diagnostics oscilloscope is supplied as a "Engine & Hydraulics" Kit with 56 components. 
Diagnostic kit for the agricultural machinery and construction machinery sector. 
The "Engine & Hydraulics" Kit consists of the popular "Diesel" Diagnostics Kit  combined with the dual WPS600C Hydraulic Upgrade Kit PQ108.
The hydraulic pressure transducers have precise, selectable measuring ranges of 0-60 bar or 0-600 bar and provide output signals which can view dynamic pressure processes on the oscilloscope.
The "Engine & Hydraulics" Kit is available as a variant in a carry case or in foam trays for toolboxes (please select when ordering!)
Additional practical measuring accessories can also be ordered at any time. 

Content of the 4-channel "Engine & Hydraulics" Kits:
1 x MI121  USB 2.0 interface cable, 4.5m, blue
2 x MI168  "S" hook
1 x PA209  carry case for transport and storage
1 x PA156  carry case for dual WPS600 upgrade kit
1 x PR340  4-channel PicoScope 4425A
2 x TA001  multimeter probe, black
2 x TA002  multimeter probe, red
2 x TA003  small crocodile clips, black
2 x TA004  small crocodile clips,  red
1 x TA008  acupuncture probe kit
1 x TA012  automotive sensor breakout lead, 2-pole
4 x TA017  4mm banana plug adaptor, shrouded to unshrouded, red
1 x TA034  standard ATC fuse extension lead
1 x TA035  mini ATC fuse extension lead
2 x TA081  USB charging cable for WPS600C
2 x TA092  WPS600C hydraulics pressure transducers 60/600 bar
2 x TA130  BNC cables, 5m
1 x TA155  USB 3.0 interface cable, blue, 1.8m
2 x TA157  battery clip, red
2 x TA158  battery clip, black
4 x TA161  flexible backpinning probe, black
4 x TA162  flexible backpinning probe, red
1 x TA168  JCASE fuse extension lead
1 x TA190  ACS breakout lead, 2-pole
1 x TA191  Kostal breakout lead, 3-pole
1 x TA206  MAXI fuse extension lead
1 x TA388  PicoBNC+  curent clamp 2000A AC/DC
1 x TA395  PicoBNC+  linear temperature probe, -50 to +150°C
2 x TA499  PicoBNC+  10:1 scope probe
1 x TA473  PicoBNC+  current clamp 60A AC/DC
1 x TA475  PicoBNC+  5m test lead with permanent ground, 4mm, red 
1 x TA476  PicoBNC+  5m test lead with permanent ground, 4mm, blue
1 x TA477  PicoBNC+  5m test lead with permanent ground, 4mm, green
1 x TA478  PicoBNC+  5m test lead with permanent ground, 4mm, yellow

Technical data:
Channels: 4
Vertical resolution: 12 bit (16 bit in optimized resolution mode)
DC accuracy: ±1% of the full scale (2% in 50mV range)
Sensitivity: 10mV/div to 40V/div
Input ranges (full scale) ±50mV to ±200V in 12 ranges 
Input impedance 1MOhm parallel to 24pF
Input type: potential-free, PicoBNC+ floating single-pin connector
Input coupling: AC/DC selectable via the software 
Input surge protection: ±250V (DC + ACpp) 
Buffer memory: 250M samples, shared by the activated channels 
Waveform buffer: up to 10,000 waveforms
Time base ranges: 5ns/div to 5000s/div 
Bandwidth: 20MHz (10MHz in ±50mV range)
Maximum sampling rate (single shot):
    1 channel used: 400MS/s 
    2 channels used: 200MS/s 
    3 or 4 channels used: 100MS/s

Source: Each input channel 
Basic triggers: Automatic, Repeat, Single None
Advanced triggers: rising edge, falling edge, edge with hysteresis, puls width, runt pulse, drop, with window, logic
Maximum pre-trigger delay: Up to 100% recording length
Maximum post-trigger delay: up to 4 million samples

Frequenxy range:  DC to 20MHz
Display modes: Größe, Spitzenwertspeicherung, Mittelwert

Operation temperature range: 0 to +40°C (+15 to +30°C for the specified accuracy)
Operation air humidity: 5% to 80% RH, non-condensing
Temperature range, storage: -20 to +60°C
Air humidigy, storage: 5 to 95% RH, non-condensing

Dimensions: 190 x 160 x 40mm³
Weight: <900g

Supplied accessories: USB interface cable and safety instructions
PC interface: USB 3.0 (USB 2.0 compatible
Power supply: via USB connection
Approvals: FCC (EMC), CE (EMC and LVD), complies with RoHS
Warranty: 2 years



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