TC-08 Single Channel Terminal Board for Voltage and Current Signals

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TC-08 Single Channel Terminal Board for Voltage and Current Signals

The USB TC-08 8-channel thermocouple data logger has always been able to measure small voltages as well as temperatures, but until now there was no off-the-shelf product allowing easy connection of signal wires, because the TC-08 has only got sockets for thermocouple plugs.

That problem is solved now with the USB TC-08 single-channel terminal board. The screw terminals allow wires to be attached to the data logger without soldering.

The new board has a number of screw terminals for voltage ranges of 0 to ±50 mV, 0 to ±500 mV and 0 to ±5 V, and plugs into any thermocouple socket on the USB TC-08. On-board resistors divide the input voltage to a level suitable for the USB TC-08. There is another selectable range for measuring 4 to 20 mA loop currents, allowing the connection (sink) of several industrially used sensors.

You can plug in up to 8 of these boards into a single USB TC-08.

With this accessory it is possible now to record temperatures, voltages and currents coincidentally with the USB TC-08. The voltage and current signals can be parameterised by means of the PicoLog software, that means they can be automatically be adjusted to the right readings and physical units. 

Please note:

This terminal board was exclusively developed for the Pico USB TC-08 data logger and doesn't work with any other instruments, having a thermocouple input jacket!


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