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  • EnviroMon

    EnviroMon is a low priced environmental data monitoring system.

    It's about a Datalogger with a small cable network here, which can be connected (also afterwards) to max. 10 converters with the total number of 40 sensors.
    The network consists of a 4-wire cable (telephone cable) that carries power and data between the logger, converters and optional equipment like remote alarms. The logger, converters and alarm units can be attached anywhere along the network cable.

    Application ranges:
    Building services engineering, warehouses, plant buildings, data centers, museums, clean rooms, weather stations, pharmaceutical industries, food industries, solar stations, blood banks, storehouses, cooling houses, refrigerators, freezers, multideck cabinets, refrigerating plants, hot cabinets and incubators, laboratories...

    Youtube video:  Introduction to EnviroMon 

    Youtube vdeo:  Getting started with EnviroMon

    Temperatures or other parameters can be recorded and monitored in a building or on an industrial terrain.
    The plug-and-play network can be easily assembled and is self-configuring.
    Max. length of the network cable: 400m.
    The system can be installed either with the 5m ready- to- use network cables or via optional telephone cable WI 001 by means of Western type plugs and a suitable crimp tool, if bigger cable lengths are needed.
    Cables with customer specific cable lengths can be supplied with Western plugs upon request.
    Sensor cables can be extended via an extension cable up to max. 100m.
    For professional fixed installation in buildings with bigger cable lengths you need a phone wall mount socket each for each converter and for the data logger, furthermore a pre-fabricated 5m network cable and the network cable WI 003 (for the connection of wall mount sockets with each other).

    The data logger also runs in stand-alone mode and is powered via an enclosed external power supply. It can also be powered by a 12VDC battery or rechargeable battery (car).

    The system is supplied with the suitable data logging Software.
    As soon as the data logger is connected to the PC and the software is run, the collected data are transferred to the hard disk of the PC.
    Data are displayed then as curves or spreadsheets and can also be printed.
    Limit level exceeding is indicated audibly and is also documented.
    Respective protocols can also be printed, then.

    There is an optional "SiteLog" software available now, which contains various very comfortable features in addition to the standard software:

        Email alerts on alarm conditions to an unlimited number of email addresses.
        Import images to create a floor plan or image of a location
        Report generation to an excel file
        Monitor multiple sites from one instance of the software
        IP camera connectivity
        SMS alerts on alarm conditions via the internet when connected to a PC

    As accessories there are sensors available for temperature, air humidity, light intensity, door contacts as well as adapters for connecting signal converters, which enable the connection of other external sensors.