Premium 6GHz SOLT Calibration Kit, Pc3.5 male

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Premium 6GHz SOLT Calibration Kit, Pc3.5 male

SOLT-PRE-M with male Pc3.5 connector, accessory for the PicoVNA 106, 6GHz vector network analyzer.

Calibration standards have particular significance to the overall performance of a VNA, so we recommend that you select your accessories carefully. Standards are often the weakest links in a VNA measurement, generally contributing significantly to measurement uncertainty despite their high cost. At the lowest levels of uncertainty, costs can be significant and measurements can be compromised by seemingly quite minor damage or wear. For these reasons, many customers hold both premium-grade items for calibration, reference or measurement standards, and standard-grade items as working or transfer standards. 

Pico Technology also offers two grades of 50 Ohm short, open, load and thru (SOLT), 4-piece, 5-port calibration kits in both male and female genders. All kits have high-performance tight tolerance stainless steel interface connectors. Kits are supplied as an assembled five-port ?Y? SOLT, either male or female.

They can be disassembled for individual usage, or for refurbishment should a calibration standard be damaged. Each SOLT is supplied with traceable calibration data linked to the kit serial number, and is supplied in a protective carry case.

Technical data:


Frequency (GHz):

Uncorrected return loss

Corrected return loss1

> = 30 dB
> = 26 dB
> = 46 dB
> =43 dB
< = 3
   > 3
< = 3
   > 3

Return loss

< = 0.15 dB
< = 0.2 dB

< = 3
   > 3

Return loss

< = 0.2 dB
< = 0.25 dB

< = 3
   > 3

"Through" adaptor
Insertion loss

< = 0.15 dB

< = 6 GHz


Configuration 1: universal

For best overall test efficiency and uncertainty in a mix of single- or dual-port test application of both genders, we recommend this dual-port, insertable test lead and calibration standards configuration and the use of additional test port adaptors as necessary. All calibration modes are then available using the test lead ports or adapted test ports.

Configurations 2 to 5: gender-specific and port-number-specific

The following configurations are recommended where there is a focus upon a particular DUT port or measurement arrangement.  


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