PicoScope 6400C/D Series, 4-Channel, 8 Bit, 250-500MHz USB 3.0- Oscilloscopes

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PicoScope 6400C/D Series, 4-Channel, 8 Bit, 250-500MHz USB 3.0 Oscilloscopes

The PicoScope 6400A/B series is replaced by the models 6400C/D since September 2013. This is a product improvement at no extra cost.  In detail, the following was improved:
  • All the models have double the memory of the A and B versions-store long captures of data.
  • Streaming is now much faster (10M up to 156M)
  • The C/D Models have USB 3.0 interfaces now, which allows faster data transfer of data to a PC which allows the customer to take advantage of the full memory of the oscilloscope.

Technical Data, briefly:
Number of channels: 4 x BNC inputs
Resolution: 8bits (up to 12bits in resolution enhancement mode)
Bandwidth: max. 500MHz with the supplied probes
Sampling rate: 5 GS/s (1 channel); 2.5GS/s (2 channels); 1.25GS/s (3 or 4 channels)
Buffer memory: max. 2GS (shared between active channels)
Output: Function generator
(FG) or arbitrary waveform generator (AWG)

These Pico instruments are available with calibration certificate at extra charge!

Detailed technical data see the brochure:

Download PicoScope 6400C/D brochure


Product Channels Bandwidth Sampling Rate Buffer Memory Resolution (Enhanced)
PicoScope 6402C 4 + AUX input & FG 250 MHz 5 GS/s 265MS 8 bits (12 bits)
PicoScope 6402D
4 + AUX input & AWG 250 MHz 5 GS/s 512 MS 8 bits (12 bits)
PicoScope 6403C 4 + AUX input & FG 350 MHz 5 GS/s 512 MS 8 bits (12 bits)
PicoScope 6403D 4 + AUX input & AWG 350 MHz 5 GS/s 1 GS 8 bits (12 bits)
PicoScope 6404C 4 + AUX input & FG 500 MHz 5 GS/s 1 GS 8 bits (12 bits)
PicoScope 6404D 4 + AUX input & AWG 500 MHz 5 GS/s 2 GS 8 bits (12 bits)


The PicoScope 6000 Series oscilloscopes have the highest sampling rates and deepest memories of any oscilloscope in this price range. The six oscilloscopes in the series offer 4 channels with a maximum sampling rate of 5 GS/s, a range of input bandwidths from 250 MHz to 500 MHz, and buffer memory depths from 512 M to 2 G samples. With an option of either a built-in function generator or a built-in arbitrary waveform generator, these compact and economical scopes are perfect for engineers and technicians needing a complete test bench in a single unit.

The PicoScope oscilloscope software includes as standard all the oscilloscope and spectrum analyser functions you would expect, as well as serial decoding, mask limit testing, segmented memory and advanced triggers: features that often cost extra on other manufacturers' scopes. Running on your Windows PC, PicoScope provides a large, clear display that shows waveforms in great detail and allows easy zooming and panning under keyboard or mouse control. Other built-in features include colour persistence displays with fast waveform update rates, math channels, automatic measurements with statistics, programmable alarms, and decoding of I2C, UART/RS232, SPI, CAN and LIN bus signals. Updates to the software are released free of charge.

The advanced triggering modes include pulse width, interval, window, window pulse width, level dropout, window dropout, runt pulse, variable hysteresis, and logic. Digital triggering ensures lower jitter, greater accuracy and higher voltage resolution than the analogue triggering found on many competing scopes. The AUX input can be used as an additional trigger or as an external sampling clock.

A Software Development Kit (SDK), supplied free, allows you to control the new scopes from your own custom applications. The SDK includes example programs in C, C++, Excel and LabVIEW, or can be used with any other language that supports C calling conventions. The SDK and PicoScope software are compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

The PicoScope 6000 models are supplied with a 5-years warranty.

Scope of delivery:
  • PicoScope 6400 series oscilloscope
  • Four factory-compensated probes (TA131)
  • USB cable
  • Universal mains (AC) power supply
  • Mains lead (power cord)
  • Installation Guide
  • Software and Reference CD
  • Carrying case


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