PicoScope 4444, 4-Channel Differential Oscilloscope, 1000V CAT III Kit

PicoScope 4444, 4-Channel Differential Oscilloscope, 1000V CAT III Kit PicoScope 4444, 4-Channel Differential Oscilloscope, 1000V CAT III Kit
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PicoScope 4444, 4-Channel Differential Oscilloscope, 1000V CAT III Kit

The previous differential oscilloscope PicoScope 3425 is no longer produced.

Instead there is now this PicoScope 4444 - a new standard in differential measurement!

With four true differential inputs, 12- to 14-bit resolution and wide differential and common-mode voltage ranges, the PicoScope 4444 and its accessories offer accurate and detailed measurement for a multitude of applications.

The two key accessories are the new PicoConnect differential voltage probes. Pico Technology have used 9-pin D-type connectors to create a true differential probe interface. These Pico D9 connectors also allow the PicoScope software to automatically identify the probe and select the appropriate display settings.

Why make differential measurements?
While you can make a wide variety of measurements with an ordinary ground-referenced scope, there are some circumstances where that just won't work.

Scientists and electronics engineers frequently need to make low-voltage measurements in the presence of high common-mode noise or varying offset voltages. Ground-referenced oscilloscopes require use of two input channels and an A minus B math function to observe the differential signal of interest. But, as well as this requiring two input channels, most scopes don't have a high enough common-mode rejection ratio (CMRR), nor the resolution to make measurements with sufficient precision.

Engineers working on polyphase power distribution systems need to measure phase-to-phase AC voltages, rather than phase to ground. A ground-referenced scope can't be used as it will cause a short circuit. External differential probes are a solution but they are quite expensive and cumbersome, with each probe requiring its own power supply. The PicoScope 4444 has differential inputs and a choice of 1:1 low-voltage and 25:1 1000V CAT III probes to address both of these problems.

Technical data:
For the technical data and more details about differential measurements and the various features of the supplied PicoScope 6 software please download the
                                  PicoScope 4444 data sheet (11MB)

The PicoScope 4444 1000V CAT III Kit contains the following components:
  • 1 x PicoScope 4444, differential oscilloscope
  • 3 x PicoConnect 442, differential 25:1 probes with each 2 shrouded leads and sprung hook probes, max. 1000V CAT III
  • 1 x TA271, D9-BNC adaptor
  • 3 x TA308, test lead, 0.5m, black, with 2 shrouded banana plugs
  • 3 x TA309, test lead, 0.5m, red, with 2 shrouded banana plugs
  • 3 x TA089, sprung hook probe, shrouded, black
  • 3 x TA090, sprung hook probe, shrouded, red
  • 1 x MI106, USB cable, 1,8m  
  • 1 x PS011, universal power supply, 5V
  • 1 x PA149, carry case

This 1000V CAT III Kit is assembled for differential mains voltage measurements. For the case you also need to measure low voltge levels or AC/DC currents there are further accessories available which need to be ordered separately.
If you exclusively want to measure low voltage levels, you better order the PicoScope 4444, Standard Kit.

Optional accessories:
PicoConnect 441, differential 1:1 probe
PicoConnect 442, 1000V CAT III, 25:1 differential probe
TA300, current probe, 40A AC/DC, D9 connector
TA301, current probe, 200/2000A AC/DC, D9 connector
TA325, Flex current probe, 3-phase, 30/300/3000A AC, BNC connector
TA326, Flex current probe, single phase, 30/300/3000A AC, BNC connector
TA271, D9-BNC adaptor
TA299, D9- dual BNC adaptor
PA149, (spare) carry case for the scope and all accessories



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