PicoBNC+ Resistance Measuring Lead

Item number: TA432

  • with PicoBNC+  connection technology
  • 5 resistance measuring ranges
  • Resistance measurements on de-energized components and wires
  • Diode test
  • for measurements on electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Category: PicoBNC+ Measuring Accessories

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    PicoBNC+  Resistance Measuring Lead

    This is a brand new test lead and offers a dynamic resistance measurement that can be used as part of the conducted tests for electric and hybrid vehicles.
    The TA432 offers a diode test function in addition to the resistance measuriements. 
    The TA432 has a total cable length of 2m in a Y arrangement, whereby the individual cables each have a length of 1m and each end has a 4mm unshrouded plug. 
    The lead contains an active power sources and is intended for use on de-energized components and wires only.

    Technical data:
    Measuring range / resolution:
        200 Ohm / 0.1 Ohm
        2 kOhm / 1 Ohm
        20 kOhm / 10 Ohm
        200 kOhm / 100 Ohm
        2 MOhm / 1 kOhm (only with PicoScope 7)

    Measuring range / Accuracy:
        200 Ohm / 2 Ohm
        2 kOhm / 20 Ohm
        20 kOhm / 200 Ohm
        200 kOhm / 5 kOhm
        2 MOhm / 50 kOhm (only with  PicoScope 7)

    Diode test: provides 2V for diode measurement 
    Maximum voltage: ±30V against PC grounding
    Scaling factors and ranges: Automatic start for resistance measurement with high range.
                                                 Diode test as a separately set range
                                                 Default choice is resistance
                                                 The automatic rane does not include the diode range.
    Calibration/zeroing requirements: Automatic at start
    Cable total length: 2m

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