Oscilloscope Probe for Microwaves and Gigabit Pulses

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  • PicoConnect 900TM series
  • interchangeable SMA probes for sampling oscilloscopes
  • suitable for applications up to 9 GHz and 18 Gb/s
  • extremely low loading capacity of  typically 0.4pF
  • probes compensated for low invasive measurements
  • slim, fingertip design
  • screened to minimize noise or resonse change due to finger proximity and EM interference
  • supplied with protective cap and highly flexible low-loss microwave coaxial cable
  • 12 models for 4, 5, 6, 7 or 9 GHz, with different divider ratios and with AC or DC coupling available
  • available single or as complete kits
  • Category: RF Test Accessories (GHz)

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    PicoConnect 900TM, Oscilloscope Probe for Microwaves and Gigabit Pulses

    Promoted as "The Shape of Probes to Come" and a price-performance breakthrough, a new family of high-performance microwave and gigabit test probes has been introduced onto the market by Pico Technology, manufacturer of high quality sampling oscilloscopes for USB ports. The PicoConnect passive probes allow cost-effective fingertip browsing of broadband signals or data streams out to 9 GHz or 18 Gb/s. These include the now ubiquitous USB 2 & 3, HDMI 1 & 2, Ethernet, PCIe, SATA and LVDS standards.

    Broadband interconnect, analog and particularly digital, continue to proliferate in just about every electronics sector and at every price point, right down to that of personal technology. Cost-effective test and measurement solutions have struggled to keep up, particularly in the field of low-invasive transmission line probing solutions.

    With less than 0.4 pF tip capacitance and ground-referred loading of 220 Ohm to 910 Ohm, overall the PicoConnect probes are less invasive than the majority of existing and more costly probing solutions. To achieve measurement accuracies down to a few percent they are ratio-compensated for their typical application: the probing of transmission lines and ports between 40 Ohm and 100 Ohm (80 Ohm to 200 Ohm differential). 

    Suited to interfacing with any measuring instrument with 50 Ohm inputs, PicoConnect probes allow broadband oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer users to browse circuitry, backplanes, interconnect and systems, typically without interrupting their function, and to do so across multiple channels without breaking a budget. Despite their attractive specification they are cost-effective in applications from as little as 500 MHz or 1 Gb/s.

    Pico offers probe division ratios of 5:1, 10:1 and 20:1 in twelve probe models.  Each is provided in two probe impedances to suit either low-voltage, highest-speed, typically digital applications or higher-voltage analog and pulse applications.  In every case, there is a DC or AC coupled option, the latter important when DC bias must not be disturbed (as with HDMI, ECL, PECL and LVDS).  The PicoConnect 900 series is realized as a set of interchangeable SMA(f) probe heads that can be used with any appropriate 50 O cable, or accessories such as filters, dividers, amplifiers and further attenuation.

    PicoConnect probes are specified and characterized with a supplied 085 high-performance flexible coaxial cable, with which they achieve market-leading flatness and pulse response. The innovative in-PCB coplanar construction (patent pending) guarantees underlying microwave integrity along with mechanical precision, strength and electromagnetic immunity.  The passive design is inherently resistant to static discharge and demonstrates no significant overload recovery latency or error. The PicoConnect probes and multi-head probe kits are provided with solder-in accessories in a convenient carry and storage case.

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