Engine and Hydraulics Diagnostic Kit

Engine and Hydraulics Diagnostic Kit Engine and Hydraulics Diagnostic Kit Engine and Hydraulics Diagnostic Kit Engine and Hydraulics Diagnostic Kit
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Engine and Hydraulics Diagnostic Kit

Diagnostic kit for the agricultural machinery and construction machinery sector. Pico "Diesel" Diagnostics Kit with the PicoScope 4425 4-channel automotive diagnostic oscilloscope, combined with the dual WPS600C Hydraulic Upgrade Kit PQ108.
The hydraulic pressure transducers have precise, selectable measuring ranges of 0-60 bar or 0-600 bar and provide output signals which can view dynamic pressure processes on the oscilloscope.

With the ever-growing focus on higher performance and the requirement to meet tier 4 (and beyond) emmission limits, mobile construction and agricultural machinery is becoming increasingly complex. As mechanical diesel engine technology has evolved into high-tech common-rail systems, the demands on service technicians have changed, which require new capabilities, tools and gauges. By combining both electrical and hydraulic analysis, we can now offer an ingenious set for diagnosing the variety of systems found in modern diesel/hydraulic nachinery such as tractors, shredders, combine harvesters, telehandlers and other construction equipment to service engineers.
With the Engine and Hydraulic Diagnostic Kit, the technician can detect problems that exceed the system limit by directly relating the engine characteristics to the performance of the hydraulic system and vice versa.
For example, with the new kit you can monitor engine speed through signals such as the crankshaft sensor while checking the hydraulic system pressure so that you can check the operation of the engine anti-stall system as the hydraulic load increases.

With such clearly viewed waveforms and the powerful zooming capabilities of the PicoScope software, you can now truly see what's going on in a whole new way. Now you can accurately analyze the operation of the entire system with a single record.

With the PicoScope 4425 oscilloscope you have direct access to over 150 built-in guided tests covering engine and electrical sensors, actuators and systems. These include both voltage and current measurements and cover camshaft, crankshaft, oxygen sensors, injectors and many more. These tests give you a head start in diagnosing and fixing engine faults right first time; when combined with the hydraulic system they allow diagnosis of complex interactions of the hydraulic and engine systems.

Our engine and hydraulic kit can be used for both electrical signals, e.g. the extension and retraction of a hydraulic piston, as well as for complete system testing to be able to examine the condition of the entire system.
It can be seen that a seemingly simple disturbance, such as: "The engine dies when a heavy hydraulic load is applied" can be caused by either the engine or the hydraulic system. By directly tracing the power of the hydraulic system to the engine signals and to those of the injector or crankshaft sensor, the technician not only recognizes what is happening, but also which reactions  the controller actually expected and shows the possible problems.

Further information on the WPS600C hydraulic transducers can be found under the category Automotive Diagnostics Accessories.

The Engine and Hydraulics Diagnostic Kit contains the following articles:
1 x PP919     PicoScope 4425, automotive diagnostics oscilloscope
2 x PP833     WPS600C hydraulics pressure transducer 60/600 bar
1 x PP264     20A/60A AC/DC current clamp
1 x TA167     200A/2000A AC/DC current clamp
1 x MI007     Oscilloscope probe x1/x10 switchable, 60 MHz
1 x PP718     Premium test lead set (red, blue, yellow, green)
2 x TA130     5m  test lead BNC to BNC (black)
2 x                2m  test lead BNC to BNC (black)
1 x TA012     Sensor 2-pin breakout lead 
1 x TA190     Breakout lead for ACS sensore´s, 2-pin
1 x PP197     10:1 attenuator
1 x TA008     Acupuncture probe set
2 x TA001     Multimeter probes (black)
2 x TA002     Multimeter probes (red)
2 x TA003     Small crocodile clips (black)
2 x TA004     Small crocodile clips (red)
2 x TA158     Battery clips (black)
2 x TA157     Battery clips (red)
2 x TA161     Flexible backpinning probes (black)
2 x TA162     Flexible backpinning probes (red)
2 x TA016     Shrouded to unshrouded adapters (black)
2 x TA017     Shrouded to unshrouded adapters (red)
1 x PP408     Fuse extension leads kit for ATC and mini-ATC fuses
1 x TA168     JCASE fuse extension lead
2 x MI168     S-hook
1 x TA191     Breakout lead for Kostal sensors, 3-pin
2 x                USB to mini-USB  cable, 2m
1 x                Pico Automotive Software  CD
1 x                Carry case for the complete kit
1 x                Carry case for the WPS600C  hydraulics pressure transducer
1 x TA298     Gear Tie 18", reusable rubber twist tie, 6 pcs.
1 x TA155     USB 3.0 cable, blue 1.8m
1 x                 Draining resources DVD
1 x                 User manual for WPS600C
1 x                 PicoScope automotive poster
1 x                 Short guide for 4225/4425 automotive diagnostics oscilloscopes
1 x                 Manual for the oscilloscope diagnostic programme


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