DVD5, Autoinform Diagnostics Workshop (in English)

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DVD5, Autoinform Diagnostics Workshop (in English)

Video 17: Interpreting data
Interpreting data and establishing a suitable test procedure is the topic of this exclusive video. Frank Massey, demonstrates his proven methods on a Rover 75 diesel with an intermittent fault.

Video 18: Going digital
Frank Massey explains in detail how to analyse air mass meter function using the Autologic diagnostic tool, a Picoscope and amp clamps.Video

19: Clean up
In this exclusive video, Frank looks at premature contamination of intake systems, which is becoming a common problem on modern engines due to erratic drive cycles associated with urban motoring and extended service intervals.

Video 20: The new regeneration
In this exclusive video Frank?s son David looks at tackling DPF regeneration caused by poor driving and low fuel quality as well as long life servicing.


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