Automotive Diagnostics Oscilloscope PicoScope 4425, 4-Channel "Diesel" Kit

Automotive Diagnostics Oscilloscope PicoScope 4425, 4-Channel Diesel Kit Automotive Diagnostics Oscilloscope PicoScope 4425, 4-Channel Diesel Kit
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Automotive Diagnostics Oscilloscope PicoScope 4425, 4-Channel "Diesel" Kit

The Diesel Diagnostics Kit PP924 replaces the previous Commercial Vehicle Diagnostics Kit PP905.

  • Measure up to 4 signals simultaneously
  • Up to 400 MS/s real-time sample rate
  • Up to 20 MHz bandwidth
  • 250 million sample memory
  • ±200 volts maximum input
  • Independent floating inputs
  • ConnectDetect for reliable probing
  • No external power supply required
  • USB 2.0 to 3.0 connection for fast screen updates
  • Protected against overloads and short circuits
  • CAN bus and FlexRay compatible  
  • Use with any vehicle
  • Easy to use
  • Includes PicoScope Automotive software and updates
  • 24 month warranty

This kit is based on the award?winning 4?Channel Standard Kit but has been configured especially for diesel engines.

The 4?Channel Diesel Kit is centred around the PicoScope 4425 Automotive Oscilloscope. The PicoScope 4425?s fast sampling rate supports the capture and viewing of FlexRay and CAN bus signals, whilst its memory depth of 250 megasamples means that complex waveforms, such as common rail diesel signals, can be recorded without sacrificing horizontal resolution.

The Pico 200A/2000A current clamp is included as standard in the 4?Channel Diesel Kit. With a DC range of 0?2000 amps this current clamp is ideal for measuring the high currents drawn by the starter motors of commercial vehicles.

The set can be used both in the workshop and on the road to test 
and measure  all electrical and electronic components and circuits  that exist in modern vehicles, including:
  • Fuel injectors and fuel pumps
  • Starting and charging circuit
  • ABS sensors, crankshaft and camshaft sensors
  • Glow plugs / timer relays
  • Relative compression testing
  • CAN Bus
The set is suitable for various users, including: OEMs, franchised or non-franchised repair shops, roadside assistance organizations, and mobile diagnostic and repair services. This powerful and versatile car diagnostic tool was developed for easy handling and is suitable for both novice and experienced users.

The Commercial Vehicles Diagnostics Kit contains:

  • 1 x PP919   PicoScope 4425, automotive diagnostics oscilloscope
  • 1 x PP264   20/60A  DC current clamp
  • 1 x TA167   200/2000A  AC/DC current clamp
  • 1 x PP718   Premium test lead set (red, blue, yellow, green)
  • 1 x TA203   5m Premium test lead (black)
  • 1 x TA012   2-pin breakout lead
  • 1 x PP197  10:1 attenuator
  • 1 x TA008  Acupuncture probe set
  • 2 x TA001  Multimeter probes, black  
  • 2 x TA002  Multimeter probes, red
  • 2 x TA003  Small crocodile clips, black
  • 2 x TA004  Small crocodile clips, red
  • 2 x TA158   Battery clip, black
  • 1 x TA157   Battery clip, red
  • 2 x TA161   Flexible backpinning probe, black
  • 2 x TA162   Flexible backpinning probe, red
  • 2 x TA016  Shrouded to unshrouded adapter, black
  • 2 x TA017  Shrouded to unshrouded adapter, red
  • 1 x PP408  Fuse extension leads
  • 1 x TA168  JCASE fuse extension lead
  • 2 x MI168  S-hook 
  • 1 x              Automotive software CD
  • 1 x              Automotive Quick start guide
  • 1 x              Pico USB3 cable, 1.8m, blue
  • 1 x              Sturdy large carry case 
All diagnostics accessories can also work with oscilloscope equipment of third party and can be ordered as single articles.
Here you will find details about the comfortable automotive software PicoScope:
PicoScope Automotive Software

Technical data of the PicoScope 4425:
Resolution: 12 bit
Channels: 4 x BNC
Input voltages: ±50mV to ±200V in 12 ranges
Overvoltage protection: ±250V (DC + AC peak) on single input
Input impedance: 1 MOhm, in parallel with 24 pF
Sampling rate: 400 MS/s (1 channel in use)
                      200 MS/s (2 channels in use)
                      100 Ms/s  (3 or 4 channels in use)
Accuracy: ±1% 
Analog bandwidth: max.20 MHz
Buffer memory: 250MS
Sizes:  190mm x  160mm x 40mm
Weight: <900 grams
PC connection: USB 3.0 (USB 2.0 compatible) interface cable is supplied with the instrument
Power supply: from the USB port 
Environmental operation conditions: 0 °C to +40 °C (20 to 30°C for the quoted accuracy)
Supplied software: PicoScope Automotive for 32- or 64- bit editions of Windows 8 (not Windows RT), Windows 7, Vista and XP (SP3)


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